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Lazlo Fashion

The Lazlo brand comes from the surname of founder Edina László. Edina has been attending design fairs since 2009, mainly in Austria. She has created a number of collections under differents brands both alone and with the help of others. At the beginning of 2012 she started her own brand, which is based only own designs.

These collections do not vary according to season like the traditional, well-known brands, and they don’t follow the color-trends. They are always based on an idea, thought or concept, and are mixed with other artistic elements. As these models are independent of trends, they can be worn any time. Edina’s goal is to create a brand that is young, girly and wild, and also full of feelings. Simple, new and wearable.

The print of the new PHOSPHENE COLLECTION was inspired by the phosphate phenomenon. Phosphene is a visual sign which is generated by the brain and projected to the retina. You can see them for example when you close your eyes and rub your eyelid.
We know from Roddha Kellogg’s research that kids under the age of 3 can also see phosphates.

This signal system inspired Lazlo’s first collection of 2016. The print was made by mingled techniques such as screen printing and monotyping. The latter is an extremely simple but demanding process. We paint the prints with textile paints into a glass, then put the textile on it and make a print with it. After heat setting we get unique prints which are unrepeatable and you cannot wash them out of the textile.

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